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Weight 0.5670 kg

16oz Bottle


Vanilla Custard, Apple, Pineapple, Peppermint (Cooling Experience), Sherbet, Grape, Original (Unflavored)


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Product Description

Size: 16 ounces (The average 12 inch glass piece uses 2.5 ounces of fluid. One bottle will fill that piece 5 to 8 times on average. It also lasts a lot longer than tap water.)

What is it? A better alternative to water for all water pipes that helps to keep the piece clean longer and also add some flavor to the experience!

For decades journeymen and enthusiasts alike have dealt with one major issue with water operated smoking apparatus’, the water is simply gross!

Helping Friendly decided to attack this problem with science, years of research and development, and good old-fashioned American ingenuity.

The Helping Friendly Pipe Helper was born.

This nontoxic, food grade solution is perfect for use in any and all water pipes and provides a myriad of benefits over traditional H2O. At first you will notice the need for far less water changes and cleaning sessions as our pipe water cleans and prevents resin buildup with every use. You will also experience enhanced functionality from your pipe or device due to our pipe water being denser than water, which in turn produces thick, milky clouds. Lastly our Pipe Helper comes in not only unflavored, but also seven proprietary flavor options allowing you to change your overall experience while smoking from your favorite pipe.

Treat your glass better, smoke better, and vibe better with The Helping Friendly Pipe Helper!

Helping Friendly Pipe Helper Benefits: 

  • Naturally supercharged to prevent excessive resin build up
  • Non-Toxic food grade proprietary blend
  • Dense solution provides incredibly thick rips
  • All natural mold inhibitor allows for less fluid changes.

Original (Unflavored) – Enjoy the natural flavor of your bounty with the added benefits of
Helping Friendly Pipe Helper™!
Apple – Flavorful fujis, tart granny smiths and sweet honeycrisps come together to add that juicy flavor you won’t soon forget.
Grape – A subtle mix of white grape and candied grape flavors, that hits all the right notes and will gives your smoke an extra something special.
Peppermint (Cooling Experience) – Peppermint and menthol notes will infuse a minty essence into your next hit.
Pineapple – Rich tropical flavor of sweet juicy pineapples. Slightly sweet but not overpowering. 
Sherbet – A solid blend of creamy citrus and berry fruit creates a rainbow of flavor to accompany your next smoke.
Vanilla Custard – Decadent vanilla bean and an infusion of Madagascar and Mexican Vanilla come together to give a creamy sweet mouth feel to your choice of smoke. 


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