Dr. Dabber x Anwar Carrots Boost Evo Electronic Dab Rig – 3400mAh/LE

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Introducing the Boost Evo™, an extraordinary collaboration between Dr. Dabber and Anwar Carrots, a visionary in streetwear design. This limited edition Boost Evo™, born from a partnership that marries fashion, music, and street culture, is an embodiment of Anwar’s unique style and creativity. Launched in 2007, Carrots by Anwar has been a beacon in the streetwear scene, making this collaboration a celebration of innovation and style.

The Boost Evo™ is specially designed for the low-temperature dabber, featuring six new heat settings meticulously calibrated to deliver a premium experience. Revel in the nuanced flavors of your high-quality terpenes like never before.

Temperature Control Center:

  • Patented temperature control for consistent flavor.
  • Built-in sensor in the heating element for precise control.
  • Ensures a consistent experience with every use.

User-Inspired Heat Settings:

  • Six heat settings, calibrated based on extensive customer feedback.
  • Catering to a broad spectrum of preferences, from casual users to connoisseurs.

Ease of Use:

  • Extended battery life and simple push-to-start functionality.
  • Standard quartz dish and glass bubbler, interchangeable and customizable.
  • One-button control with an intuitive RGB light system.

Quartz to Glass Vapor Pathway:

  • Patented Quick Connect Adapter.
  • Ensures high-quality melts are not diluted through metal or silicone pathways.
  • Emulates the quartz banger and rig experience, delivering unparalleled taste on the go.

The Dr. Dabber Boost Evo™, in collaboration with Anwar Carrots, is more than just a dabbing device; it’s a fusion of cutting-edge technology and artistic flair. Whether you’re a seasoned dabber or new to the scene, the Boost Evo™ is set to elevate your dabbing journey to new heights of flavor and style. Experience the ultimate in dabbing with the Boost Evo™ by Dr. Dabber x Anwar Carrots.


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