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Russian Cream, Pink Lemonade, OGK, Ballin' Blueberry, Natural, Milli Mango, Majestic Grape, Peaches & Cream, Sweet Stacks, Banana Cream, Watermelon Drip, Poppin' Bubblegum



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Some of us just prefer the finer things in life and now your wraps can be the most exquisite and luxurious of them all.  Billionaire Hemp Wraps are produced from the finest hemp and have the perfect amount of flavor that will compliment with your choice of legal herbs.  If flavored wraps are not your preference, then our flavorless hemp wrap called NATURAL can be your perfect choice.

Each pouch contains 2 extremely fresh hemp wraps that will roll perfectly with your legal choice of herbs.

With various flavors to choose from, we are sure there is a flavor that will definitely satisfy your smoking desire.  So sit back, relax and smoke with a touch of exquisite class.


Russian Cream: Feeling a bit classy?  How about a rich, smooth and creamy liquor-like flavor from our Russian Cream Billionaire Hemp Wraps.  The name says it all, so cheers to your smoking!
Pink Lemonade: Feeling a bit thirsty?  Then sit back and relax to the sweet taste of a summertime favorite with Pink Lemonade Billionaire Hemp Wraps.
Ballin’ Blueberry: You want to be a baller?  First step, make sure you have Ballin’ Blueberry Billionaire Hemp Wraps with you at all times.  Second step, stay motivated, stay lifted, go hard and never give up!
OGK: To all you “OG smokers” out there, you know what the OGK Billionaire Wraps is all about!  If you want that nice fruit punch, kush-like flavor with your smoke, then OGK will satisfy your every taste “bud”.
Natural: All natural and no flavor, just a pure and smooth smoke is what you will experience with our Natural Billionaire Hemp Wraps.  Some prefer flavor and some just want to keep it plain and simple…it’s cool, nothing “unnatural” with that!
Milli Mango: Smoke your way to an exotic tropical setting with our Milli Mango Billionaire Hemp Wraps.  That mango taste will have you feeling like a million bucks on a tropical beach!
Majestic Grape: Grapes have been the “Fruit of the Gods” and with our Majestic Grape Billionaire Hemp Wraps, you will sure feel like royalty with each puff of that divine grape flavor.  Puff away, your highness!
Peaches & Cream: Are you feeling a bit peachy?  Why not indulge yourself in the luxurious taste of our Peaches & Cream Billionaire Hemp Wraps!
Sweet Stacks: Hey honey!  Can you guess what Sweet Stacks Billionaire Hemp Wraps tastes like?  It’s sweet like honey and you will “bee” satisfied with every puff!
Banana Cream: Are you going bananas from all the daily grind striving to become a billionaire?  Just keep grinding away and then unwind yourself with the rich flavors of our Banana Cream Billionaire Hemp Wraps!
Watermelon Drip: We all love that nice refreshing taste of a watermelon, but too bad it’s a seasonal fruit.  We now offer that rich flavor year-round with our Watermelon Drip Billionaire Hemp Wraps.  Feel refreshed and enjoy that luxurious flavor with every delicious puff!!
Poppin’ Bubblegum: Let’s keep it classy and not smack on that bubblegum.  Instead, you can enjoy Billionaire Hemp Wraps Poppin’ Bubblegum and savior that rich bubblegum flavor with every puff!


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