What is a Safe THC Amount to Take for Your First Edible Experience?

Safe THC Amount to Take for Your First Edible Experience?

What is a Safe THC Amount to Take for Your First Edible Experience?

Cannabis edibles, such as gummies and brownies, have undergone a glow-up or transformation in the past decade. Edibles have graduated from humble pot brownies and gooey caramels to carefully dosed, Willy Wonka-approved goodies you will find at cannabis dispensaries nationwide. Nowadays, you will find edibles, such as gummies and tinctures, in many different shapes and sizes, such as sugar-coated gumdrops and decadent chocolate bars.

There are many reasons that cannabis-infused foods and drinks are incredibly popular since the edibles are a fun, clean, and safe way to consume cannabis. However, eating or ingesting cannabis can also be tricky.

You may have many questions, such as how long do cannabis edibles take to kick in or what is a good starting edible dosage? You cannot fatally overdose from too much bud. However, the stories from your buddies who have overindulged can make you hesitant about trying THC edibles.

If you would like to safely try edibles for the first time, we have you covered with this beginner's guide to cannabis edibles. When done right, edibles are a fantastic and simple way to enjoy the effects and benefits of cannabis in a way that’s much healthier and more discreet than smoking.

How Your Body Processes Cannabis Edibles

Edible forms of cannabis, such as gummies, mints, and brownies, are discreet and tend to produce long-lasting and safe effects. They are excellent when consumed responsibly and judiciously, and when you know how much you are consuming.

There is a big difference between ingesting cannabis and smoking it. Note that the way you ingest cannabis affects how your body processes THC, the active compound that makes you feel high. How your body processes THC influences everything from how intense your edible high is to how long it takes to kick in.

You probably know that when you smoke weed, your body absorbs cannabinoids, such as THC through the lungs. As it is directly introduced into your bloodstream, the effects are produced within a few minutes.

However, with edibles, such as cookies, your body has to digest the food before the cannabinoids are broken down by your liver and absorbed into your bloodstream. So, edibles can take anywhere between 30 minutes and a few hours to take effect.

Factors That Can Influence Your Cannabis High

Every individual reacts differently to cannabis products and edible dosages for first-timers can vary considerably. This is why you must tailor your edible dosage to your specific situation.

Here are some factors and variables that impact how your body reacts to cannabis:

» Dosage

The amount of cannabis you consume can greatly affect the intensity and duration of the high. A higher dosage may lead to a more intense high, whereas a lower dosage may be mild.

» Tolerance

Consistent cannabis use will result in mild tolerance. This means that you can tolerate larger doses of cannabis without getting sick or experiencing adverse effects.

» Body Weight

People with higher body weights usually need more THC than their slimmer counterparts.

» Potency

The potency or strength of the cannabis product can also greatly affect the high. For example, products with higher levels of THC may lead to a more intense high.

» Metabolism

People with fast metabolisms usually process edibles faster. This means that you’ll feel the effects much faster than somebody with a slow metabolism.

» Setting and Mindset

The setting and mindset in which cannabis is consumed can also affect the experience. For instance, a comfortable and relaxed setting may lead to a more enjoyable high. On the other hand, a stressful or anxious environment may lead to negative effects.

» Type of Edible

Certain cannabis edibles, such as baked goods or chocolates, usually have considerably more THC than gummies. This means that you will have to eat a lot less in order to get the same high.

Edible Dosage Guide for First Timers

Wondering how to safely try edibles for your first time? You should know that, unlike non-infused foods, it is best to consume edibles one piece at a time. While you may devour a whole non-infused chocolate bar in just one sitting, you should not do this with a cannabis chocolate bar.

Make sure you carefully read the label and understand both the per serving THC vs. total THC per package to consume an edible safely.

The right edible dosage depends on many factors, such as the desired therapeutic purpose. Depending on the person, THC can produce highly variable and different experiences. So, you must follow all dosage guidelines and instructions on the package, and also take your own experience and tolerance into consideration. This is where an edible dosage chart can help.

Here are some simple guidelines to help you determine the right dose in milligrams (mg):

» 1 – 2.5 mg THC Edibles (Microdose)

This dosage is ideal for first-time users or regular consumers looking to microdose. The dose provides mild relief of symptoms, such as pain, discomfort, stress, and anxiety.

» 3 – 5 mg THC Edibles (Low)

This dosage is ideal for standard recreational use, such as for users seeking relief from persistent symptoms that are not addressed by smaller doses. It provides stronger relief from symptoms. Also, five milligrams can intoxicate some users.

If you haven’t felt anything after consuming a total of 5 mg of THC edibles, wait 24 hours. For your first time, this is a high beginning dose and effects can take longer to kick in. If after 24 hours you still have not felt any effect, you can consume another edible for a total of 10 mg of THC than wait another 24 hours. This might mean that you have a higher tolerance to THC than the average consumer. It’s best to still start slow and see what your body can handle as a beginner.

Why Do Edibles Feel More Potent?

It is important to understand an edible dosage, especially the THC dosage of an edible. This is because ingested THC works differently than inhaled and topical options. Also, it usually has a stronger effect.

When you consume cannabis orally, your liver converts THC into a different kind of molecule than your lungs do. This simply means that cannabis edibles, such as cookies, can be up to ten times more psychoactive than their smokable counterparts. The dose is still the most important factor affecting your high. However, eating cannabis can make THC feel more intense.

Beginner Tips for Edibles

Use these tips for a safe and healthy experience.

» Start with Five Milligrams of THC

Everyone’s body metabolizes cannabis edibles differently. This is why it’s better to begin with a low dose than one that is too high for you. If you are a first-time edible user and have a low tolerance, you should start with a 5 mg edible.

» Take THC Edibles in a Comfortable Space

Note that marijuana and weed can be unpredictable, even for the most seasoned user. So, when you’re taking edibles, you should be in a comfortable and relaxed environment. One of the most important things is to remain calm.

» Be Patient

The effects of cannabis edibles can take longer to kick in compared to smoking or vaping cannabis. It can take up to 2 hours to feel the full effects, so be patient and wait before taking more.

» Don’t Mix with Alcohol

Cannabis edibles, such as gummies, can amplify the effects of alcohol, which can lead to an unpleasant experience. Avoid mixing the two to reduce the risk of unwanted side effects.

» Know Your Source

Make sure you buy cannabis edibles from a reputable and reliable source and that they are properly labeled with THC content.

Remedy Center is Here to Help You Find Your Ideal Dose

Enjoying cannabis edibles doesn’t need to be overly prescriptive. However, there are some things that you’ll like to consider before you consume. Also, your smoking tolerance will not be the same as your edible tolerance. So, always start low and increase your dose gradually.

If you are searching, “where can I buy THC edibles,” Remedy Center offers a wide variety of cannabis edibles, such as chocolate bars, gummies, and brownies. Shop online or come by any of our locations and we’ll be happy to help and answer questions regarding our products for your first edible experience.


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